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Happy Birthday Wilford Brimley from Diabeetis.com

Hi. I'm Wilford Brimley. My diabeetis testin supplies can help you live a better life.

Diabeetis is a very serious disease. People with diabeetis must constantly monitor their blood sugar level, as their bodies cannot efficiently regulate this by themselves. That's were my diabeetis testing supplies come in.

If you qualify for Medicare, you may be eligible to have diabeetis testin supplies shipped direct to your door. That way, you don't have to get dressed, get in your car, drive all the way to the store, wait in line and deal with people. If there's anything I hate more than high blood sugar, it's dealing with other people. Liberty Medical can help you live a better life.

update - 9/27/12 - 78 years young. I plan on staying around so long Liberty regrets givin me these life-time shipments of diabeetis testin supplies. It's a real shame all you kids started spellin it diabeetus, though. Some commie orientals took diabeetus.com and keep me from spreadin the word to test your blood sugar and test it often!

update - 9/27/11 - Happy Birthday to me. Guess I'm 77 now. Pretty good for havin' the beetis. Thanks to Liberty I can live this better life. Be nice to your loved ones with diabeetis. I'm gonna go look for that cocoon pool now.

update - 9/27/10 - I don't really recall how old I am, but everyone tells me I'm turnin 76. All I know, is with greater age comes greater responsibility... CHECK YOUR BLOOD SUGAR AND CHECK IT OFTEN! I'm fixin to spend this whole week in nothing but my Liberty Medical snuggie, eating oatmeal, and viewing my two favorite tv programs - The Price is Right and The Colbert Report. And don't forget.. I'm only able to live this better life because of my diabeetis testin supplies.

update - 5/06/10 - I guess I just forgot about having this website for the last 2 years. My memory ain't the same as it used to be. Some daggon hippies were gettin on my forums and postin all kinds of rotten stuff. I went ahead and rebuilt it from the ground up! So be sure to check it out and tell me what you think. My fancy new Diabeetis.com Forum And as always, please let ol' Wilford know how we can improve.

update - 2/11/08 - Well, them crazy kids finally finished that dern game. You can find it in the usual spot. I recommend y'all play it on the easy setting so you can see the ending! There's a nice hip t-shirt just for the game, too.

update - 9/27/07 - Looks like I'm 73, now. All thanks to Liberty. Since the most I've ever gotten for my birthday was a switch to the rear, and I don't much care for crowds of people, I figured you all could buy a Diabeetis.com shirt off our store to help spread the word of this great site!

Be sure to check out the new game and my only birthday present: Beet the Beetis 2! Make sure you submit your high score, too. It ain't completely finished yet, but we're givin you the first look. Them kids gotta finish a few things before it goes public.

update - 5/31/07 - Well there's some more shirts and what-not over at the Diabeetis.com Store. Cafepress makes it almost as easy as Liberty. There's also a new Diabeetis forum for you kids.

update - 2/3/07 - It's been a long time since I hooked up my type-writin deal and made and update to this interweb. Turns out a buncha hooligans took over my forum and posted a bunch of nonsensical crap that had nothin to do with me, my testin supplies, nor cock fightin. Nothing makes me angry like a bunch of kids screwin up my stuff. So I erased the all the posts and started from scratch. The next spammer to cross my path is gunna get a nice dose of insulin-induced Wilford rage, my hand to God.

In other news, some of the derned kids that helped me put up this interweb are workin on a new game for you to screw around with, so keep your eyes open.

update - 9/28/06 - So I turned 72 years old on Wednesday. Thanks for not remembering. Truth be told, I don't feel a day over 71. That said, it's come to my attention that some kids over at some other website I won't even bother mentioning have decided to declare war on old Wilford. They're intendin on gettin their cruddy, Wilford-bashin' website mentioned on the Colbert Report. Now, as someone who has appeared on the Colbert Report many times, let me just say that Stephen is a decent, honest journalist with no interest in a website peddlin that kinda Wilford-hatin' crap. So just give it up. And stay off my lawn. Oh, and Stephen, let's show these kids. How bout you give ol' Wilford's Diabeetis.com a shout-out, instead of those annoying kids.

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